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In 1989, the "Midnight Sun Entertainment" banner was raised for Mike Conway's feature film
debut, THE BLACK CRYSTAL Mike has written/directed/scored 50 short, feature length
movies and documentaries, as well as worked on many other projects. Features include the
Lionsgate release, WAR OF THE PLANETS, (originally TERRARIUM), the "super girl
goes bad" movie, THE AWAKENING and the sci-fi actioner, EXILE. These were
mostly self-financed with budgets between 6K and 33K.

Mike has been a panel speaker and participant of several festivals, including both years of It Came
From Lake Michigan horror film festival, both years of Xanadu Las Vegas sci-fi/fantasy con,
The Tucson Film Festival, Cinescape Mania Fest sci-fi/horror festival (Santa Monica), as well
as hosting The Las Vegas IndieMeet (9 years running). Mike is also the presenter of
"UNOFFICIAL" OASYS, a 3 plus hour instructional DVD, covering the operation
of Korg's incredible flagship synthesizer, which is also available from this site


Midnight Sun Entertainment proudly hosts.....

The Las Vegas IndieMeet



Each year, since 2004, Mike and Sheila have hosted one of the coolest
networking parties around. The event is for filmmakers, film fans and
those who love to act in or work on movies. The venue is a private
residence, in N/W Las Vegas. You can bring your short movie or
subject of demonstration.

To connect, befriend "Vegas IndieMeet" on Facebook or email us.

Cops at IndieMeet
Godzilla at IndieMeet!
Watch the IndieMeet Video to see cool footage of past meet ups.




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